COAST-TO-COAST 16th July 2022

Open to all makes and models - classic and modern.


The 2022 Coast to Coast run is a re-run of the 2018 run, Morecambe to Scarborough. It will start on the Friday night, 15th July with a banquet at the Midland Hotel, Morecambe. Cars leave in 10 minute slots from 8 o'clock on Saturday 16th July with the fastest first and the slowest last. The last car leaves at 9 o'clock. The majority of cars are MGs and we hope to have a lot of pre 1956 MGs going back to the 1930s. However, all cars are welcome, even current models.

The route takes us through the Forest of Bowland, The Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. The first cars should arrive at Scarborough between 4 pm and 5 pm.

The only mandatory cost of this run is the £12 entry fee which pays for the A5 ring binder, the paper and ink and the rally plaque and cable ties.

All other costs are optional. No money is needed by me until March 2022 and full refunds will be made for cancellations up to the middle of June, after which the hotels and pubs are paid, and the route books are printed and rally plaques purchased.

Participants are responsible for booking their hotels but the money for the banquets is paid to me because not all diners are residents and it's impossible for the hotels to book people in for a meal when some are residents and others are not.

I have negotiated group rates for rooms at the Midland Hotel, Morecambe and the Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough. Details of the hotels, tea and lunch stops are HERE. Rooms are limited so early booking is strongly advised. We don't want anyone sleeping on the beach!



These are some of the pictures I took over a wekend here in 2017.

Lynne with her mate, Eric.

The side of the Midland Hotel. The hotel is a famous art deco building designed by Eric Gill in the 1930's. It was built by the Midland Railway and the main station, at that time, is opposite. It fell into disuse and was bought by English Lakes Group a few years ago and renovated to a very high standard at huge expense. Rooms are not cheap but it was our anniversary and we haven't had the best of years so to hell with the expense.

The view from the hotel room balcony.

A bit closer...

... even closer. This is the southern tip of the Lake District, across Morecambe Bay.....

.... and closer still. This is the 2000mm lens on the Nikon P900 camera.

Outside the hotel is a strip of rocks and these two stone statues are there. Lynne says they're seagulls, I say they're Phoenix.

This is the strip. You can just see the statues on the left at the end of the narrow path.

The following are pictures of the bay.

A better picture of the two birds. I've just noticed there are three!

The following are of the fantastic sunset on the Thursday.